Cancellation and Return Policy


a) Order cancellation

No cancellation will be allowed after the order has been placed.  

b) Application for the refund of an item

You may apply for the refund of an item in the following circumstances:

  • The item was defective, damaged and/or expired on delivery;
  • The item delivered to Buyer is materially different from the description or specifications provided by us in the listing of the item; or
  • Such other circumstances as may be determined by Unilever from time to time.

Please click here to submit your application.

All refund applications must be submitted within seven (7) calendar days from the date of receipt of the relevant item by you.

Please note that, if required by us, you must return the defective or wrong item to a location designated by us within [ten (10) calendar days] after the return request is raised. Costs incurred by you in fulfilling the return request will be borne by us.

The approval of your request for refund will be made by us in our sole discretion and may be conditional upon fulfilment of any return request raised by us. You acknowledge and agree that our decision is final, conclusive and binding, and covenant and agree that you will not bring suit or otherwise assert any claim against us or our affiliates in relation to such decision.

The outcome of your refund request will be notified to you by email or telephone.

c) Refunds

Refunds may be made in the form of discount voucher code (redeemable on this website) and/or direct cash refund to customer’s credit/debit card or designated bank account. If your refund application is successful, our customer service team will reach out to you to discuss your preferred method of refund.


For further information on the terms applicable to your purchase of products on this website, please refer to the Terms of Sale.

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