Help give our 3 month old baby elephant the best name!

From 1st to 23rd July, we are thrilled to announce our exciting mascot naming contest, where you have the opportunity
to give our lovable baby elephant a name that will capture hearts and leave a lasting impression.

It’s simple — read about our baby elephant’s captivating story and let your imagination run wild with the perfect name.

Gender: Boy
Height: As tall as a flourishing baby fern (12 inches in height)
Weight: As heavy as a filled watering can
D.O.B.: Earth Day, April 22nd 2023, as a symbol of nature's gift
Country of Origin: He hails from the lush jungles of Indonesia, where diverse ecosystems thrive.
Breed of Elephant: He is a Sumatran Elephant, an endangered species known for its gentle nature.
Personality traits: He loves being around humans but is also shy and enjoys solitary walks in the jungle. His favourite pastime is caring for his backyard of plants, nurturing them with a tiny watering can. He values his personal wellness routine, prioritising sleep, exercise, and a wholesome diet. He also finds moments of mindfulness, taking quiet pauses to meditate amidst nature's beauty.
Leaf on head: He proudly wears a leaf atop its head, as a symbol of its cherished backyard of plants. It brings a leaf along each day, spreading the message of inspiring others to nurture a greener world.
Large ears: His ears not only make him look adorable, but they also show how much he cares! They're like his superpower for listening and understanding others. He's always tuned in, ready to lend an ear and be there for those around him, like a best friend who genuinely listens when you need him.

Judging criteria: Relevance of the name to the elephant’s origin story & TGC’s branding; Creativity & originality


1$300 TGC Gift Card

2Your very own baby elephant plushie!

3Get recognised at TGC’s 1st year anniversary party

Accepting entries until:

23rd JULY 2023

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